Dyson AM05 vs. AM09

Dyson is already a reputable manufacturer of reliable vacuum cleaners. In fact, when you’re on the lookout for a top-quality vacuum cleaner, you will inevitably stumble across Dyson’s products. Nonetheless, this brand doesn’t focus solely on producing vacuum cleaners; in truth, it also has a range of fans, which are compatible with cool and hot weather alike. That is to say, they are suitable for all types of weather conditions.

This is nice to know, as the weather is likely to change every other day, you cannot rely on it. One day it might be sunny, whereas the second day it might be windy and cold. Therefore, investing in a unit that blows hot and cold air alike is sensible.

The two particular models we’ll talk about today – namely the Dyson AM05 and the Dyson AM09, have overwhelmingly positive reviews, outlining that they work as expected. While they might be a tad pricier than run-of-the-mill tower fans, they are worth the cost. That being said, our comparison will focus on the individual characteristics of each unit.

Introducing the Dyson AM05 and the Dyson AM09

First and foremost, in comparison to a traditional fan heater, you needn’t worry about storing these units away during the hotter months. That’s because, as the name already implies, they combine the functions of both fan heaters and fans. More specifically, you can set the thermostat at any temperature ranging from 0-37 Celsius degrees in 1 Celsius degree increments.


The design of these fans is quite surprising. In fact, if you are attracted to modern, sleek designs, these units will definitely draw your attention. The fan looks stylish and neat. At the same time, thanks to the clear design lines, you will find that cleaning the units is utterly easy. This is quite convenient, as it is really important to maintain the fan clean. The sleek design actually is similar to that of a paperclip – if you have a closer look.

Moving on, these are available in a range of colors. Thereupon, you can make your pick, depending on the type of coloring you like to create in your house.

In regard to the Dyson AM05, you can pick from four individual color combinations, as follows: black and nickel, brown and iron, white and silver and blue and iron.

On the other hand, the Dyson AM09 can be found in three specific color combinations, namely nickel and black, white and silver and blue and iron.

The design is quite minimalistic; for instance, the AM09 has a single on/off button and that’s about it.

Moving on to the size of the models, there are some slight distinctions in this respect. To that end, the AM05 is a tad taller than its counterpart – there is actually a difference of nearly 3 inches in height, namely 26 and 23.4 inches. This means they are compact, allowing you to position them even in narrow spaces.

As for their weight, there is a specific distinction in this view, as well. More specifically, the AM09 is lighter than its counterpart, weighing 5.91 pounds. Meanwhile, the AM05 weighs 8.38 pounds.

Safe to Use

Both the AM05 and the A09 don’t incorporate any external moving parts. In plain English, this doesn’t entail any blades whatsoever. This is reassuring for those of you who have safety concerns. Nevertheless, there is another motivator behind this design characteristic. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the lack of blades, you benefit from a more consistent heating or cooling.

Regulating the Temperature of the Thermostat

It goes without saying that having the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the heater comes as an advantage. You can control the temperature on both models, due to the intelligent internal thermostat. Hence, you won’t have to cope with the frustration of insufficient heating or overheating.

Analyzing the Characteristics of the Dyson AM09 and the Dyson AM09

Now we’d like to focus a bit on the technology used by these two models. To be more particular, the pedestal of the fan draws in up to 5.28 gallons of air per second. This is the same as a vacuum cleaner – no surprise that the manufacturer is a top producer of vacuum cleaners as well, right?

Thanks to this technology, the fan facilitates a smooth flow of air, ensuring a constant wind breeze. At the same time, this technology multiplies the air sucked. In this way, it operates at low noise, whilst consuming much less energy than other products on the marketplace.

Moving on, thanks to the dual function of the models, the air is drawn in and amplified – when you select the cooling mode. Nevertheless, when you choose the heating mode, this enables the fans to blow out the heated air to notable distances.

As for the heating function, this is mainly owed to the dual ceramic plates that are responsible for heating up the air. These are fireproof, being designed in order to withstand heat and burning. Therefore, the incidence of fire incidents is notably diminished, thus, optimizing your safety.

The Main Difference between the Dyson AM05 and the Dyson AM09

In regard to technical differences, there is one fundamental distinction worth mentioning. This difference is related to the way in which the units control the flow of air. More specifically, the Dyson AM09 allows you to control the flow of air, whereas the other model doesn’t have this option.

Thanks to the jet focus control, you can choose between two modes – namely focused mode and diffused mode. What does each individual mode entail?

Respectively, in the focus mode, you can choose to point where the air stream goes. Meanwhile, in the diffuse mode, the air flow angle widens, in order to facilitate general heating or cooling to a room or given area.

Another difference between the two models lies in the fact that the Dyson AM09 also incorporates a timer. You can schedule the timer in one-hour increments. Nonetheless, aside from these specific updates, the two units are pretty much identical.

In view of the prices, the Dyson AM09 is more expensive. So, it’s up to you to assess how important these extra features are, to establish whether they are worth the extra price or not.

Final Remarks: Which One Is Going to Be?

While the two fans – namely the Dyson AM09 and the Dyson AM05 have many similarities, especially when it comes to how effectively they operate, there are, nonetheless, some differences worth noting. With that said, though, the design for both models is flawless, practical yet modern looking and sleek.

According to former reviewers, there have been few complaints in this department. On top of that, in the case of both models, the expectations of the customers were addressed.

Concurrently, the remote control option is a welcome addition, allowing you to regulate the way in which the unit functions. If, however, you would like to benefit from more heating functions, you should choose the AM09, as opposed to its counterpart. In comparison with the Dyson AM05, the AM09 has 66 individual heat setting – which is a far-reaching range.

This explains the price difference between the two models, aside from the other characteristics we’ve already pointed. Also, it’s worth noting that the AM09 comes with a higher number of extras, namely energy efficient heating and air multiplier technology.

Now, after reading our comparison, what do you think? What product would address your needs best? Of course, the model’s specifications matter, but your budget is just as important when making such a purchase.

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