Roomba 620 vs. 761

The odds are you’ve already aware of the existence of robotic vacuum cleaners. Usually, such appliances come at a really high price tag. However, there are still some alternatives in the marketplace that offer good value for the money. We’re going to talk about two products that fit into this category – namely the Roomba 620 and the Roomba 761.

Vacuuming is one of the most tiring and time-consuming chores. And even if we don’t really like it, we still have to do it, right? The good news is that you can invest in a robotic vacuum that will do most of the job for you. Who knew technology would ever reach this far?

On that note, in general, a robotic vacuum is a small, nonetheless powerful machine you can program to clean your house when you’re doing something else. That is accomplished thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology. However, it is primordial to get a product manufactured by a reliable company. To that end, Roomba has actually been the vacuum line that enabled iRobot to place itself ahead of its competition.

A Comparison of the Roomba 620 and the Roomba 761

To begin with, it would be an exaggeration to claim that these two vacuum cleaners are the best on the market. However, they are, indeed, characterized by some excellent advanced technologies, which is why we’ve decided to make this comparison for you.


What would we say about the design of these two models? As you can clearly notice, the design is circular – which is usually the norm for robotic vacuum cleaners. Color-wise, the Roomba 620 is available in a range of colors, namely gray, white and black. Meanwhile, the Roomba 761 can be purchased in the gray color only.

The Roomba 620 is only three inches tall. Therefore, you can expect it to easily fit underneath most pieces of furniture around the house. Of course, there might be some exceptions, depending on your furniture, but, in general, it works. So, we could say that we aren’t too keen on the fact that the Roomba 620 is likely to get stuck under tight furniture such as chairs.

Both models come with a clean button. Nevertheless, this is the only thing they have in common, as the other functions are organized differently.


By definition, robotic vacuum cleaners are much more portable than their counterparts. This is how they can reach most parts of your house without a lot of effort. That being said, the 761 is a tad larger than the 620 – both in terms of weight and dimensions. Nonetheless, the difference is not that distinguishable.

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Aside from that, both models are characterized by the iAdapt Responsive Navigation technology. Thanks to this unique feature, the vacuums effortlessly adapt to the type of floor they get in contact with.

Cleaning Efficacy

Obviously, when you want to invest in a vacuum cleaner, a top priority is for it to be efficient. Knowing how these machines perform during the actual cleaning process is primordial before you decide to make a purchase.

First and foremost, we’d like to talk about the suction power of these two appliances. This is the main aspect that influences the cleaning capacity of the vacuum cleaner, right? That being said, the 761 is stronger than the 620. And this makes sense, considering that each series is continually improved, in order to perform better.

That being said, both units do an excellent job at sucking all types of debris, dust, dirt, hair than the previous series. At the same time, another thing they have in common is that they are meant to easily adjust to all types of flooring.

Dirt Detection Technology

Another characteristic of the two vacuum cleaners is that they both come with a state-of-the-art dirt detection technology. This actually depends on acoustic sensors. More specifically, thanks to this, the vacuum cleaners do an excellent job at pinpointing the areas of concentrated dirt, so that the machines would operate more effectively.

In plain English, once the vacuum cleaner covers an area, it will become spotless, without requiring it to go over the same spot.

iAdapt System

Moving on, another thing that characterizes both vacuum cleaners is that of the iAdapt system. We’re talking about advanced software that enables the Roomba 620 and the Roomba 761 to clean even the places that are hard to reach. At the same time, this means that, when it comes to hard-to-reach areas, the vacuum cleaner will go over that specific area to ensure that no traces of debris or dirt are left behind.

That is not all, thanks to this software the vacuum cleaner doesn’t come close to stairs, thus, preventing unwanted incidents.

The Main Differences between the Roomba 620 and the Roomba 761

With the appearance of the 700 series Roomba models, the manufacturer has introduced a range of notable innovations. This is why it is crystal clear that the 761 comes with a few improvements that are worth mentioning.

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One of these innovations is the inclusion of a scheduling program. This enables you to pre-set the vacuum cleaner for up to seven times every week.

On top of that, the Roomba 761 is equipped with a HEPA filtration system that is capable of eliminating up to 99.9 percent of allergens and harmful small particles, thus, making the surrounding air fresh and clean.

These are some of the reasons why the Roomba 761 costs more than the 620. The filtration system is actually quite renowned due to its outstanding capability of eliminating allergens, thus, optimizing the quality of the breathable air inside your house.

Additionally, in comparison with the Roomba 620, the 761 is capable of operating longer. Thereupon, this means that the cleaning process will continue for up to 80 or respectively 120 minutes. Aside from that, in comparison with the 620, the 761 comes equipped with an obstacle sensor. This deters the machine from bumping into vases or pieces of furniture. Whenever it approaches an obstacle, it will imminently slow down.

Final Thoughts: Which Unit Should You Choose?

If we were to factor in the customer reviews for both products, it would be difficult to choose, because both products are accompanied by excellent customer feedback. To that end, the Roomba 620 ranks high in terms of diversity. More specifically, it does an amazing job on all sorts of surfaces and it efficiently sucks up debris and dirt. Nevertheless, as a drawback, the 620 might get stuck every now and then.

On the other hand, the only inconvenience of the Roomba 761 would be its noisy operation. Aside from this, customers mentioned that it is really efficient at sucking up pet hair, whilst outlining that it works excellently on all types of surfaces. Of course, in regard to technological advancements, the 761 also stands out, as we’ve already pointed above.

All things considered, the Roomba 761 is a better option, if we were to assess all the differences between the two units. Most notably, it comes with a bunch of winning features such as the larger dustbin, the remote control, and the technological advancements that offer unparalleled convenience, and so on.

That isn’t to say, though, that the 620 is inferior, it simply means that being a previous model, it isn’t as advanced. However, it is more affordable; so, if you’re shopping on a budget, the 620 would be a decent alternative, as well. What do you think? Which of the two seems more suitable for you?

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