Roomba 650 vs 690

Dusting the furniture, vacuuming the entire house and mopping the floors are only a part of the chores a cleaning session involves. What if instead of thinking about the last two, you’d let a smart gadget do the job for you? Imagine sitting in an armchair with a cold lemonade in your hand, watching a smart floor cleaning making your floors shine. We know it sounds like a dream, but it’s actually achievable.

And while you might already be thinking about surfing the Amazon in order to order a vacuum cleaner right away, we suggest you take a look at Roomba 650 vs 690 first.

There are dozens of robotic vacuum manufacturers who promise to create reliable products, but Roomba managed to fulfill those promises. The two smart floor cleaners already mentioned above are not only reliable and functional, but also powerful and durable.

And if the thousand reviews you’ve read were still not convincing enough, we provide you with the ultimate guide which will let you decide which vacuum cleaner you should choose. Roomba 650 or Roomba 690?

Roomba 650 vs 690: Main Features

Since we’re speaking about the same brand and the models are quite close, you might think the differences are not very many. Still, you can take a look at the features presented in the following paragraphs and decide for yourself.

We’ll present the most important aspects every buyer should consider before making the purchase:


Since you’re willing to spend a quite large sum of money on this gadget, you want what’s best. And we agree with you. It’s essential for a modern smart home gadget to look good and be functional at the same time. It’s desirable to purchase a vacuum cleaner that is both eye-catching and attractive. If it fits the style of your house and manages to camouflage there, it’s even better.
Check out what these two robotic vacuum cleaners have to offer in terms of design, size and weight. Then see if this great design combines with a good performance and go for it!

Roomba 650

No wonder this product is an all-time best-seller gadget on Amazon. Roomba 650 is a smart floor cleaner that comes with a highly covetable design. It is a beautiful robotic vacuum which will probably fit your tastes and needs.

But what is even more important is that it comes in a great shape and size. The dimensions of Roomba 650 are 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches, and it weighs 11.7 pounds. These make it perfect for narrow spaces and nothing will stand in its way. Your house is sure to be cleaned fast and easily.

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Roomba 690

Unlike the Roomba 650, this one has a silver finish. If you want something new and trendy – almost futuristic, some might say – iRobot can offer you these. With 13.0 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall, it can crawl easily under low-profile furniture and leave no dusty edges and corners.


As you could see above, the Roomba 650 vs 690 battle is quite tight in terms of design. Performance might change your perspective a bit. Do you want to know if they can get the job done efficiently?

Then let’s discuss a bit about performance. It’s essential to know that Roomba 650 and 690 will not cause much trouble. How reliable they are and what features you should take into account you will find out in a minute.

Roomba 650

Roomba 650 is an efficient and smart gadget when it comes to different surfaces and in most cases, it does its job great. But this does not mean that Roomba 650 is the smartest vacuum on the market. Issues might appear and you should be aware of them.

The main drawback of this gadget seems to be its random cleaning style. When asked to clean a room, this vacuum does not have a strategy. It will not know which places require more cleaning and it might miss some spots. Consequently, this will lead to battery consumption and stains left on your carpets.

On the whole, its performance could receive 4 stars out of 5 when compared to vacuum cleaners in the same category.

Roomba 690

When compared with its predecessor, Roomba 690 tends to do the job better. This is because it is equipped with great features. Amazon Alexa enables it to have enhanced sensing abilities. It is good with pet hair, it cleans much better than its competitor and- even if it is not perfect – it does its job well, leaving fewer stains behind.

This one definitely beats the 650 in every aspect and it can be perceived as a 4.5-star smart vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Capabilities

A crucial aspect of this comparison is their cleaning capabilities. Yes, design and features are important. But as buyers, we want to get the job done and have a neat house. Let’s take a look at the cleaning capabilities of these two: Roomba 650 vs 690.

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Roomba 650

Roomba 650 is not the best floor cleaners available, but it is for sure useful and handy and it is pretty good at cleaning. As most buyers have mentioned, a cleaning session performed with the help of a Roomba 650 ends with good results. It might miss a spot or two, but your house will be cleaned acceptably without your efforts.

Roomba 690

Roomba 690 is something else. And compared to its opponent, it might seem out of this world. The navigation system of Roomba 690 combined with its voice control and efficiency makes every dollar worth spending.

This vacuum cleaner will prove very efficient, as it relies on acoustic sensors. It is probably one of the best 600-series smart floor cleaners. Reliable, functional and very flexible, this one is the small robot you’ve been waiting for.

Roomba 650 vs Roomba 690: Main Differences

Now, let’s see the main differences between Roomba 650 and Roomba 690. After that, you can decide for yourself which gadget is worth the money and is the most appropriate for you. Let’s dive in:

Roomba 650 vs 690 comparison table

Model Roomba 650 Roomba 690
Included Accessories 1 Virtual Wall 1 Virtual Wall Barrier
Programmable Schedule Onboard Controls via App
Multi-Room Navigation
iRobot App & Wi-Fi
Alexa Compatible
Physical Dimensions 13.39 inches in diameter, 3.62 inches in height 13.0 inches in diameter, 3.7 inches in height
Weight 7.9 lbs 7.8 lbs
Battery Type Ni-CD Lithium Ion
Battery Life about 1 hour about 1 hour
Charge to Full about 3 hours about 3 hours
Cleaning Mechanism rotating brushes rotating brushes

Roomba 650 vs 690 Price

The Bottom Line

Yes, they are both reliable and smart. And yes, they are well-known for having high ratings and best-seller statuses. But which one should you choose? The answer is in your pocket!

As you’ve probably seen, the Roomba 650 vs 690 competition is quite tight. They both have great features and they are both successful robots created by a reliable brand.

However, even if they both gadgets come with great features, there is no secret that the 690 model takes the top spot. Not only does it clean your floor better, but it offers features you might haven’t even thought of before. From enhanced navigation system to flexibility, it seems to have it all!

So, which one will it be? Roomba 650 or Roomba 690?

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