Roomba 655 vs 650

Vacuuming your house is crucial, as it’s important to live in a clean and healthy environment. In order to do that, you need to own products that can properly do their job at maintaining the house in a good condition. That being said, the vacuum you’re using has a say in the way your house turns out after the process.

iRobot is very reputable when it comes to making vacuums, as their products are some of the highest-quality ones on the market. With their robotic vacuums, your house will be clean and free of allergens. But what are some good robotic vacuums models that would be great to own in your household?

This article will focus on a comparison between Roomba 650 and 655, so you will be able to decide which one is more convenient. That said, let’s compare Roomba 655 vs 650!


Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 is a member of iRobot’s black, minimalistic series, and it’s a model that can be very useful while also having an attractive look. It is one of the best-selling robotic vacuums, so it must be good, right? Considering its 4.3 stars rating on Amazon, it seems people were very pleased with its overall performance.

The robot is quite attractive and it’s not hard to be instantly drawn by it at first glance. However, besides the pleasant aspect, what’s also amazing is the size. Its dimensions are 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches, and it has a weight of 7.9 pounds. The best thing about this is that the model has no issues sliding under your tables, beds, sofas, or other furniture types.
For the features, the 650 has an amazing set that makes it very convenient. Within this robotic vacuum, you will find:

  • Dirt detection
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • IAdapt Navigation
  • Virtual Wall Technology
  • Self-Recharge & Auto Adjust Floors
  • Auto Docking

Roomba 655

This model looks different compared to traditional iRobot models, as it has been uniquely designed in order to be special. Although different, iRobot did a great job in maintaining the attractiveness of the item, thus making it appealing to anyone who’d like to purchase it.

In terms of dimensions, it’s not much different from the 650. It has 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches while weighing 7.9 pounds. Also, it can slide into very hard-to-reach spots such as under the bed, furniture, and so on.

Concerning features, here’s what the Roomba 655 has:

  • Auto Docking
  • Self-Recharge & Auto Adjust Floors
  • Dirt Detection
  • IAdapt Navigation
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • 30Stage Cleaning System
  • Virtual Wall Technology


Cleaning Capabilities

The cleaning is the most important thing when it comes to vacuums. After all, that’s what they’re supposed to do, right?

The Roomba 655 has the advantage that the battery lasts long enough to finish the job. The battery life is important because the last thing you want is having the robot stop in the middle of the room, with half the job done.

This model is very effective in removing the dust, sand, fibers, fur and more from a lot of surfaces, but it also has the problem of missing some spots. Because of its poor understanding of the surroundings, it’s not unusual to miss a lot of spots.

It has a removable side brush, which makes it easier for you to adjust however you want. Conversely, it has a small dustbin too, meaning you would have to empty it every now and then.
The Roomba 650, on the other hand, has a battery that lasts shorter in comparison. So, depending on the size of your room, it might not be able to fully clean everything. Moreover, because it regularly hits the same spot over and over, the battery is consumed much faster, which results in a shorter runtime.

In terms of results, the Roomba 650 is effective in removing the hair, fur, sand, dust, fibers and more from multiple surfaces, thus being a good item to own. Still, it’s not impossible for it to miss some spots, meaning it’s not a perfect model either.

At the same time, this model has the advantage of an auto-docking feature. When the battery is low, the vacuum will notice and go to the docking station to recharge by itself.
You also need to keep an eye on the vacuum because it tends to get stuck under the furniture. Furthermore, an issue often found with this vacuum is the small dustbin, and lack of full bin indicator, which means you have to check it manually.

Setup Process

It’s not that hard to set up these robotic vacuums. You only have to press some buttons, and the process usually does smoothly, without any difficulties. Still, if you end up with problems regardless, check the User’s Manual, and you will get out of trouble.


Having problems with an item you bought is not unusual, and when it comes to vacuums, experiencing problems can be a drag. However, iRobot’s team is always there to help you whenever you encounter difficulties. That being said, whenever you can’t find the answer or solve an issue by yourself, you can just call the customer care and it will all turn out good.
The iRobot team can be reached via phone, email and live chat.


When it comes to performance, Roomba 655 might seem like it’s the smarter vacuum, but in reality, it has its problems too. Basically, while it has a good navigation system that allows it to move around amazingly, it can miss a lot of spots, thus not cleaning entirely.

The batteries last longer than those of the Roomba 650, as it can work for 80-90 minutes. Also, you need to place a docking station for it nearby, so it can go and recharge easily when needed. You can also program it to clean the house every day if you want.

What you also need to know is that, while the dustbin is not too big, it can still hold more dirt compared to previous models. It doesn’t have a full bin indicator, though.
Roomba 655 has a Cliff Detection sensor, which doesn’t allow it to fall down the stairs.

Roomba 650, on the other hand, doesn’t have a battery that lasts too long, but it’s a very good performer. On average, it lasts for about 50 minutes. The 3-stage cleaning system will be able to clean rugs, tiles, carpets, hardwood, and laminate, as it adjusts on all floor types too.

If there’s a docking station nearby, the vacuum will also go and recharge when the battery runs low. You can also set the Roomba to clean the house daily.
Pros and Cons

Roomba 650

On the pro-side, the Roomba 650 is amazing because it’s quiet, easy to use, can self-charge and works with all floor types. Also, it has a good battery, 3-Stage Cleaning System, iAdapt Navigation, Virtual Wall System and smart schedules.

However, it has weak user experience and weak AI.

Roomba 655

Its counterpart, the 655, has Dirt Detection, Virtual Wall System, 3-Stage Cleaning System, and iAdapt Navigation while having a longer battery life and being easy to use.
On the bad side though, it has a small dustbin, weak AI and weak navigation system.

Roomba 655 vs Roomba 650 Comparison

Before you decide which model is better, you need to take a look at this Roomba 655 vs 650 comparison chart:

Roomba 655 vs 650 comparison table

Image Roomba 650 Roomba 655
Mobile App None None
Battery Life Average High
Full Bin Indicator
HEPA Filters
Noise Average Average
Dimensions 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches
Power Normal Weak
Sensing Qualities Average Average
Cleaning Style Random Random
Warranty 1 Month 1 Month
Unique Feature None Dirt Detection

Roomba 655 vs 650 Price

Final Thoughts

Before you purchase a robotic vacuum, it’s better to do some research on certain models so you end up buying something good and reliable. Through this Roomba 655 vs 650 comparison, you should be able to decide which one works best for you. It’s hard to say which one is better, thus it all comes down to your needs and preferences.

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