Shark NV356E vs NV370: Which One Is Better?

Every session of house cleaning should end with the perfect final touch: vacuum cleaning. You want your floors to sparkle and that cannot be done without the proper tools that can make your life easier. One of the most important tools every household should have is a reliable vacuum cleaner that could save you from trouble in many cases. If you think of purchasing a new one, you might have already considered choosing Shark, a reliable brand that seems the best choice on the market.

Shark is definitely one of the most reliable brands, featuring high-quality vacuums that are also reasonably priced. Impressive features, interesting designs and excellent power of suction along with innovative technologies are only a few characteristics of their line of vacuums. Two of the models that you might want to purchase are Shark NV356E and Shark NV370. Both of them are professional vacuum cleaners that are already a popular choice in people’s homes and offices.

Not only do they have a great reputation on the market, but they also manage to stand out of the crowd with an interesting design and new technologies that do not let any dirt slip through their brushes.

For those of you interested in buying a reliable vacuum from Shark, you can read on and see the comparison between NV356E and NV370. After that, you’ll have everything you need in order for you to decide which of these two vacuum cleaners fits your taste, your house and your needs best!

Professional Tools for Professional Cleaners

There are many reasons Shark is such a popular brand. Not only does it have reliable vacuum lines, designed to fit everyone’s needs and to last more than you can imagine, but they are also incredibly efficient when it comes to doing their job. Featuring patented inventions such as the swivel steering design and innovative technologies, the two vacuums we’re discussing will do most of the job for you. They will offer you the help you need in order to finish cleaning fast and leave any surface shiny and clean.

These two amazing vacuum cleaners are Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) and Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV370). Check out their features, similarities, and differences and decide for yourself which of them fits your needs best.


When it comes to design, the most obvious aspect is that both of them belong to the upright vacuums line, which comes with a lot of benefits. You will benefit from an extended hose, which will help you clean hard-to-reach areas such as narrow corners.

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Also, you can say goodbye to back pains caused by carrying heavy vacuums on the stairs or moving them from one room to another, as NV356E and Shark NV370 are lightweight and easy to handle.

What is more, you’ll be able to convert the two vacuum cleaners into canister vacuums for portable cleaning only by pressing one button. Impressive and neat, right?


The features mentioned above will definitely prove that the two vacuums have great maneuverability. They both weigh 13.7 pounds – therefore, it is very easy to move them around the house. Thus, you can do your job without much effort and with no back pain included.


Both vacuum cleaners come with some accessories meant to make your life easier:

When purchasing the Shark NV356E, you will also receive an 8” crevice tool, along with a pet hair brush dedicated to animal lovers who want to get rid of the unwanted hair of their dog or cat, a dust-away hard floor attachment and 2 microfiber pads.

The other vacuum cleaner – Shark NV370 – includes both an 8” and a 24” crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet hair power brush and a dust away floor attachment with two microfiber pads.

What is more, they both feature a 30 ft cord, which prevents you from plugging or unplugging the machine too many times. With such accessories, vacuum cleaning can even become an easy thing to do.

Cleaning Performance

They might look good and they might come with great accessories, but what matters the most when you purchase a vacuum cleaner is its efficiency. You want what’s best for your house and this is why the cleaning performance should definitely be the most important criterion to take into account. Here’s everything you need to know about the features of these two vacuum cleaners:


When it comes to similarities, we can say that the two models are very close to each other. They both use a patented feature of Shark, which means that they never lose the so-useful suction technology. Constant suction power from the beginning to the end of the job is definitely desirable when you want your house to be thoroughly cleaned.

So, besides taking care of the house, you will also take care of yourself. With the combination of anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration system, you’re all set not to suffer from allergy during the vacuum cleaning process. 99.9% of the dust particles will get inside the vacuum before you notice them. Moreover, the microfiber pads represent another technology that ensures you of an advanced cleaning performance that traps dust and particles.

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Moving on, thanks to the swivel steering feature, the vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver around obstacles, which makes them great in small spaces as well.

Finally, the XL capacity portable canister allows you to clean efficiently and comfortably without worrying about emptying the dustbin after every cleaning session. It is advisable to consider the fact that the dust cup capacity of the NV356E is larger than the one of the NV370.


The above-mentioned features might have scared you, and you might think that these two items are quite expensive. Well, here’s some good news – both vacuum cleaners cost under $200. Therefore, they should be an investment you and your family are willing to make in order to have a clean and healthy home.

They are very good products, coming from a reliable brand – thus, they are totally worth the price. However, considering their rate, you’ll be able to afford one of them even if you have a low income or are on a tight budget.

Customer Feedback

Both NV356E and NV370 are very well perceived by customers. Most of the people who decided to purchase these vacuum cleaners agreed that they are powerful, they have great technologies and come with increased versatility.

Nevertheless, there seem to be some weak points. The first model does not have a headlight and many customers found it difficult to clean in dark areas. The other one, Shark NV370, seems to have a weak weight balance and that could be a great drawback in a vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Even if they are very similar, these two vacuums – NV356E and NV370 – have some slight differences that need to be carefully considered if you want to make the right choice. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can pay close attention to our guide and the features mentioned above and choose accordingly. The efficient suction power, interesting design, and useful accessories are definitely aspects that you should take into account when purchasing one of these two items.

Overall, both products are affordable, yet efficient vacuum cleaners. They are reliable basic tools that will make every house cleaning session enjoyable, due to their great features. Make either Shark NV356E or Shark NV370 your best bud and you will be forever thankful for that.

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