Shark NV650 vs NV751 (Refer Shark NV752 vs NV356e)

Euro-Pro Operating LLC developed the Shark brand aiming to create vacuum cleaners that could be of huge help to their future owners. After all, the buyers’ goal is to get machines that have optimal performance, and that are durable enough to last them for years to come.

In this post, you are going to learn about two models created by Shark – a comparison of Shark NV650 vs NV751. The article will focus on its features, as well as the similarities and differences between the two, thus comparing them. The comparison will help you distinguish between them and you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs.

Therefore, let’s see what they have to offer!


There’s not much difference between the two machines, because they both come with the same color, which is silver. Another thing to notice regarding the design is that they both come with a 30-foot long wire. Having to switch wall power sockets is annoying, as it interrupts the cleaning process and you end up losing time. With this wire, you can easily clean larger areas while only using one socket.

Another similarity is the fact that they both come with the lift-away function. The feature is meant to allow an easy lifting of the device, cleaning hard-to-reach areas and easily picking up the canister.

However, there is one small difference between the Shark NV650 vs NV751. Basically, the NV751 doesn’t come with a crevice tool. The NV650 does have one. Still, the NV751 has a dust genie tool.


When it comes to the price, there’s a slight difference between the two models. It was expected that one of them had a little higher price compared to the other, after all. In essence, the NV751 has the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away extra.

In other words, it’s an advanced feature, which may increase the product’s price too, depending on where you buy it from.

On Amazon, the NV650 is more expensive right now.

Cleaning Performance

In terms of cleaning performance, they are both very good, as they are easy to control while offering outstanding cleaning. They are able to clean carpets as well as hard floors, and they come with accessories to help you pick up the dirt, hair and other things that ruin the floor’s aspect.


In order to clean every inch of your house, there are moments when you need to lift the vacuum, so you can reach other areas. The Shark NV650 and NV751 both weigh 15.6 pounds, so they are not the most lightweight options out there. At the same time, the lift-away pod is the one that helps users go through this challenge successfully. It basically allows you to easily lift the vacuum, thus being able to clean harder to reach areas and ensuring a healthy environment.

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They’re easy to maneuver as well and moving them over different surfaces doesn’t require a lot of effort. While some vacuums can get glued to the floor due to the powerful suction, this doesn’t happen with these models.

Shark NV650 vs NV751 Features

LED Lights

Dealing with darker areas can be one of the annoying challenges you are going to face while vacuuming your home’s floors. Given you can’t see anything, it’s hard to determine if the area is completely clean, or you have to pass over it with the vacuum one more time.

Thankfully, the manufacturers had this in mind, so they incorporated the LED lights that help you see what you’re doing when reaching darker areas. Some of these corners could be under the bed, furniture, or in the corners.

Fingertip Controls

One annoying feature of some vacuums could be the fact that you have to go down in order to control the machines. With NV650 and NV751, this is not a worry. The controls are on the handle, meaning that you can switch to other modes without effort. This will not only ensure a quick cleaning process, but it will also prevent you from having back pains when struggling to reach the controls.

1200 W Motor

A great feature that these models possess is the 1200 W motor. Basically, they come with suction for the main cleaning head motor, and with a cleaning path of 10.5 inches wide. As such, you will be able to save some extra time when vacuuming, due to the fact that you can rapidly clean larger areas, without having to focus on them for too long.

Thick Carpet/Area Rug

Carpets are of different types, and the suction power has a different influence on each one of them. Therefore, if you happen to use a suction power that is too high, and it barely allows you to pull and push, you can use the selector of the surface. Once you fix it, the process will go by smoother than before.

Instruction Manual

Before you use any new product, reading the guidelines and instructions is essential. It is a great way to ensure you use it the right way and avoid any potential risks. The vacuums provide you with the instructions you need to control them. Therefore, once you become familiar with the units, you will start using them naturally, without difficulties.

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It’s probably not such a big surprise that the vacuum cleaners feature different accessory sets, meaning that they work differently.

For example, the Shark NV650 includes a caddy, accessory bag, crevice tool, pet upholstery tool, hard floor genie with one pad and a dusting brush.

Shark NV751, on the other hand, shares the dusting brush, caddy, accessory bag and the hard floor genie with one pad, but it also has some other accessories. These include an upholstery brush, dusting genie, and pet power brush.

Two Flooring Settings

Most likely, you’re not going to use the vacuum cleaner for one floor only, and different types of floors require a specific type of cleaning. With these vacuum cleaner models, you have the “Thick Carpet/Area Rug” setting. This one is good for thick and high-pile carpets and area rugs.

On the other hand, you have the “Carpets/Low Pile” setting, which is useful for cleaning low pile carpets.


  • They have the same color.
  • The wire has the same length.
  • They have the lift-away function, which gives them amazing maneuverability.
  • The LED lights are available in both of the models.
  • They both have two flooring settings, so you clean different types of floors.
  • Fingertip controls exist for both the NV650 and the NV751, making it easier for you to control the vacuum during the cleaning process.
  • They have a 1200 W motor.
  • They both weigh 15.6 pounds.


  • They have different prices.
  • The accessories they come with are different.
  • NV751 has the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away extra, while NV650 doesn’t have it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a vacuum cleaner may seem easy at first, but there are too many things to take into consideration, especially if you want to choose the perfect machine. It needs to be affordable and offer the performance you are looking for as well.

With Shark NV650 vs NV751, you will notice that there are a lot of things they have in common, making the decision even harder. This comparison was meant to help you determine the similarities and differences between the two and end up choosing one that you find more appealing. While they both share most of the features, they also come with different accessories that deliver different results. Still, the NV751 has the advantage of the extra feature, Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away.

Regardless of the model you will set your eyes on in the end, it is sure to offer a great performance.

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