Bissell 1330 vs Bissell 9595a – Comparison

It is conventionally known that vacuum cleaners are very important in a home, especially when it comes to carrying out cleaning functions which would ordinarily take you more time to perform. They are known for saving time and energy during a clean-up. A good number of companies exist which are known for manufacturing great vacuum cleaners, some which are expensive, and some which are relatively affordable. Taking a look at companies that produce excellent vacuum cleaners, Bissell incorporated is a good example, as their products give a flawless delivery.

Bissell as a brand, has quite a number of vacuum cleaner varieties, out of which the 1330 and the 9595, have similar features. Their designs can be said to be innovative which makes the operation go on seamlessly. Going through this assessment, you would find out that their features are mouth-watering, and eventually, picking the appropriate one for you could be quite difficult.

Bissell 1330 vs Bissell 9595a Features

Features of Bissell 1330

  • The vacuum type is upright
  • It is a bagless vacuum
  • There is no HEPA filter
  • It has a multi-surfacing feature
  • The weight is approximately 15.5 pounds
  • The bin capacity is around 0.53 gallons
  • Switching on and off is not really easy
  • It has a dirt tank and a filter which makes washing easier
  • The filtration is the multi-level type which eliminates allergens found in the home
  • The power rating is 10amperes
  • There is a cyclonic system which helps the suctioning perform much better
  • It can handle all surface types
  • There is a TurboBrush tool for easier handling and cleaning
  • Empty dirt tank for easy emptying

Features of Bissell 9595

  • The vacuum type is upright
  • It is a bagless vacuum
  • There is a HEPA filter
  • It has a multi-surfacing feature
  • The weight is 15 pounds
  • The bin capacity is 0.58 gallons
  • It can be easily toggled on and off
  • A multi-cyclonic system for powerful suctioning
  • A turbo-brush tool for faster dirt removal
  • A dirt tank for faster emptying
  • The filter is easily washable
  • The power cord has a length of 25 feet

Irrespective of the structure of a vacuum cleaner, what is expected is, the cleaner delivers optimally, this is what defines the cleaning performance of a vacuum cleaner. Both the 1330 and the 9595 have upgraded features which other vacuum cleaners do not have yet, and this is what most users crave. Hence, this is the reason why a number of them would opt for Bissell 1330 or 9595 at any time. In addition to this, both cleaners are long-lasting and affordable, so they would definitely give you a run for your money.

Looking at them for the first time, you might think there is really no difference between the two, due to the fact that they share numerous features when it comes to design and structure.

Bissell 1330 vs 9595a Design and Construction

As earlier mentioned in the previous paragraph, both Bissell 1330 vs 9595a models are very similar in make-up and mode of construction. However, there are still a few differences which they have. To start with, the color of 1330 is black with a black exterior, while the 9595 is black with a purple flipside. Also, there is a brush for 1330 while 9595 comes with no brush.
Looking at the similarities, they are both upright vacuums that come with the OnePass technology. This enables suctioning to work out more effectively during cleaning. At just one swipe, the dirt in that region fades off.

Portability feature of the Bissell 1330 vs 9595a

A good look at the features shows that they have the same dimension, so working or handling any of them should give you no issues. The height is convenient enough for you to work effortlessly. However, looking at the weight of both models, the Bissell 1330 has a weight of 15.5 pounds, while 9595 has a weight of 15 pounds. The difference in weight is little, but some customers feel comfortable with the slight difference, as they might settle for the lighter one. All the same, they are both great models which offer excellent portability.

Dust Control For Both Models

The 1330 vs 9595 models are bagless, so the cleaners store away dust in the canisters which are in-built. There is no need for you to opt for an extra bag to contain the dust, as you can easily dispose of the ones in the bag without your body coming in contact with the dirt.

The capacities of both bins are slightly different. The 1330 model has a capacity of 0.53 gallons, and the 9595 model has a capacity of 0.58, making the latter bigger in capacity to store collected dirt. You would not be hinted if any of the bags are full, so it is in your capacity to continually check it.

The 1330 model has no HEPA filter which is meant to remove allergens, unlike the 9595 model which has a HEPA filter. This difference gives the 9595 model an edge over 1330.

Power Feature Of Both Models

Switching the 9595 model on and off is pretty easy, as it kicks off almost immediately. However, starting 1330, is similar to other conventional cleaners, as it could take some time to start and even activate the suction.

They are both self-driven cleaners which give powerful suctioning, which still does not make them heavy, unlike other vacuum cleaners which could increase in weight for the time being. They do not have searchable cords, however, the length of the power cords would suffice for cleaning average-sized rooms and smaller ones. For larger rooms, the cords might not be long enough.

Comparison Of Their Cleaning Performance

Both vacuums are dry-cleaning ones, and with the air suction, debris and dust can still be collected effectively. They both come with a unique feature called the bottom latch, which ensures that the collected dust is eliminated quite fast through the bottom. So, there would be no need for you to open or close any of the devices. All you need do is open the latch, and the stored dust will leave.
The 1330 model is better suited for a wider range of floors than the 9595. They both have the long-lasting power and dusting brushes which gives your home an excellent clean-up, by deep penetration.

Available Accessories

What makes some vacuum cleaners stand out from the others, is the availability of attachment tools, which definitely makes work easier and more efficient. Both models come with upgraded attachment tools which gives you a faster clean. They have a crevice tool in place, a dusting broom, a turbo brush tool, and an extension rod.

Concluding Decision

If you take a look at the determining features which makes a vacuum cleaner to be preferred than the other, you would see that it is not far-fetched from the following features: Filtration ability, suctioning strength and portability. For both models, it would interest you to note that they score really high when it comes to those three factors.

For affordability, they are right on point, as compared to vacuum cleaners with similar features, whose price would be on the high side. However, between the two, if you want the one with the upgraded technology, then you should opt for 9595. Irrespective of this, you can be sure to have great results.


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