Shark NV341 vs NV501 – Comparison

When it comes to vacuum cleaners and cleaning, in general, we don’t actually take time to look into a variety of products and their characteristics. Most of the times, we just pick a product that does what we want it to do.

For example, some of us may choose a vacuum cleaner just because it vacuums, obviously. However, there are a variety of brands and models that we can choose from and every one of those comes with different features and characteristics.

As you may have noticed, today we’ll be talking about vacuum cleaners – namely, about two products coming from the Shark brand, known as one of the most innovative manufacturers of cleaning machines on the market.

The products we’ll be comparing today are the Shark NV341 vs NV501 – both belong to the Shark Rotator model series, one of them being a Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away and the other a Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away. Naturally, the latter is the difference that our comparison is based on.

Design and Portability

As you probably know, most manufacturers today care more about the looks of their products – and sometimes leave the performance aspect behind. That’s why we’ll begin with the design and portability aspects of the two products and later see if these come with good performance as well.

In terms of design, the NV341 and the NV501 look quite the same – both are dark-red and have a modern, minimalist look. The NV501 is, however, just a little bit smaller than the NV341, standing only at 45.7 inches in height – compared with 46.06 inches.

However, you might make your choice depending on the way the dust cup is placed on the vacuum – this is because the head and the dust cup of the NV341 model are directly attached one to another, while the dust cup of the NV501 model doesn’t attach directly to the vacuum head.

Regarding portability, both vacuum cleaners come equipped with the Swivel Steering Technology, which makes them very easy to handle, especially around sofas, table legs, and furniture, in general.

Moreover, both weigh 13.23 and 15.5 pounds respectively – therefore, you won’t have any issues when carrying them around the house.


Before showcasing their differences, it’s worth mentioning that both vacuum cleaners, the NV341, and the NV501, come equipped with the Never Loses Suction technology – this ensures that the machines won’t lose any power while being used.

Moreover, they come with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and a HEPA filtration system as well. The two technologies can trap small particles and allergens in a percentage of up to 99.97% – recommended for those that suffer from respiratory problems or who want their home free of allergens.

Yet another technology that these vacuum cleaners come equipped with is Cyclonic Technology. This has been added to the machines so that their filter won’t clog and, thus, ensure constant and strong suction power – basically, the Cyclonic Technology separates dirt from the air, keeping the vents in the filter clean and always open.

When it comes to the surfaces they can work on, users report that the NV341 and the NV501 do a great job on stairs, floors, hard floors, carpets, and most of the surfaces you decide to clean – in short, the technologies they come equipped with help the vacuum cleaners get rid of anything from anywhere.

In terms of performance, the only difference between the NV341 and the NV501 is the length of their hose and cord. The NV501 comes with an 8.4 hose and a 30 feet cord, while the NV341 comes with a 7 hose and a 25 feet cord.

Naturally, this means that, while using the NV501, you can clean a larger space without having to re-plug the vacuum cleaner into another socket. However, both machines have the same cleaning path width – namely, 9.5 inches. Therefore, their performance won’t suffer because of the hose and cord length.


Now, the accessories that a vacuum cleaner comes with are very important, as they can really make a difference when it comes to efficient cleaning – for example, a power brush or a dusting brush can help you clean your house better than a standard vacuum cleaner.

That’s why we’ll now mention the accessories that the NV341 and the NV501 come equipped with.

NV341 Accessories

  • Crevice tool – this accessory is used to vacuum hard-to-reach areas, such as behind washing machines, refrigerators, and heavy furniture.
  • Wide upholstery tool – this nifty tool helps you get rid better of large debris that can be found on couches, curtains, mattresses, lampshades, and of dust and pet hair as well.
  • Dusting brush -naturally, a dusting brush is perfect for those fragile items in your house, being able to remove dust without applying a strong suction force.
  • Dust-away bare floor attachment – this accessory is mainly used to keep hardwood surfaces clean, as it can pick up any debris on them while also clean-wiping the surface.
  • Accessory bag – obviously, a place where you can keep all of the aforementioned.

NV501 Accessories

  • Multi-tool – this accessory is separate from the vacuum cleaner’s head and can be used to clean any surfaces that you don’t usually clean with your vacuum, such as sofas; multiple heads can be attached to it.
  • 18” Flexi crevice tool – a flexible crevice tool, which is quite bigger than the crevice tool of the NV341.
  • Canister caddy – basically, you can pick up the canister, the main component of the vacuum, when you have to reach higher areas or simply move it around.
  • Straight suction nozzle – this accessory ensures a strong suction force when vacuuming dust and debris.
  • Premium power brush – this brush is the best when it comes to pet hair and debris that you have a hard time removing.
  • Multi-angle dusting brush – as its name implies, this dusting brush can be used under several angles, ensuring ease of cleaning.

We can see that the NV501 comes with a little more in terms of accessories, especially due to the multi-tool and the canister caddy features – however, the choice between these two when taking into account the accessories depends more on your preferences and certain factors – for example, pets or several hardwood floors in your home.

Shark NV341 vs NV501 Price and Reviews

As expected, the NV501 model is a tad more expensive than the NV341, as it comes with some advanced features that can make cleaning a lot easier. However, both are quite affordable, as they can usually be found for under $200.

When it comes to reviews, the NV341 seems to have the high ground, but with only 1% higher than the NV501 – namely, 73% of the NV341’s reviews gave it 5 stars, while 72% of the NV501’s reviews gave it 5 stars.

Reportedly, the NV341 operates quietly and is very easy to use as well. On the other hand, several users claimed that the NV501 comes with good cleaning power and optimal portability.

However, some didn’t like NV341’s design while others complained that the NV501 is a bit too heavy.


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