Shark NV350 vs NV352 – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Shark does have a reputation of being one of the best out there. It is also in competition with the higher-end models but at more reasonable prices. With its lineup including the Rotator, the Navigator, the Rocket, and the Ion, you can never go wrong with Shark, with each one having their own unique strengths, features, and overall value for money.

Both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 are two of the bestselling vacuums in the Shark Navigator series. In this post, we will be comparing and reviewing both models, while digging a little deeper into their similarities, as well as differences. So, if you are having a difficult time deciding which one to buy, then you are on the right track. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Shark NV350 vs NV352: Comparison and Review

As the NV350 and the NV352 both belong on the Navigator series offered by Shark, you should expect a lot of similarities between the two. While these models may be very much alike, what makes them unique might only be revealed until you learn each one of their individual features. In fact, either of these two has the potential to be your solution to your cleaning problems.


In terms of appearance and design, both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 already share a lot of things in common, considering that they both are under the same series. They are upright vacuums, which would mean that they come in the traditional design. Given that they really look so much alike, it might become confusing for you to know which is which.

They are both bagless vacuums, equipped with the brand’s lift-away technology that allows the users to clean even the most difficult and hard to access areas in their homes such as the curtains, ceiling, and the stairs. In addition, they also come in purple and lavender colors, which would make it a lot more confusing for you to know the distinction.

Portability and Dimensions

As you may already know, all Shark products excel when it comes to maneuverability because of the feature called the Swivel Steering Technology. This feature allows the equipment to run as smoothly as possible around obstacles in your home such as sofa and table legs.

To add, they are both considered lightweight units but the NV352 is 6.5 pounds lighter than the NV350. The NV350 measures 29.5 x 15 x 13 inches while the NV352 measures 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches. Using this information, dragging them around will never be an issue, even when used by the elderly. In fact, they are both tall, which would mean that you do not have to bend over that much while you are cleaning.

Cleaning Performance

While the Shark NV350 and the NV352 both do not belong to the high-end class, what matters the most is how well they are going to satisfy your needs, as well as the overall value they offer for your money. Each of them has their own strength and weaknesses but it would be in your best interest to choose the one that gives you satisfaction at reasonable prices.

The Shark brand prides itself with the fact that their vacuum cleaners do not lose suction. As a matter of fact, all every Shark vacuum, whatever the lineup it belongs to, has this feature. The incorporation of this technology is also the reason why most consumers choose Shark over any other famous vacuums out on the market now. This feature is very useful because you never should worry again about losing air flow when you are cleaning. Indeed, both the NV350 and the NV352 has the capability to provide consistent suction power all throughout your cleaning session.

As with any other high-end vacuum cleaners on the market now, both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 features the HEPA filtration system, which effectively prevents allergens and dust from coming back into your home. In addition to that, it has the capability to remove at least 99.97% of particles that have a diameter of 0.3 microns. Lastly, the lift-away technology has also been accredited by the British Allergy Foundation because of its functionality. Indeed, these features prove to be beneficial for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 have the motorized brush bar feature, which can be switched on or off, depending on the surface you are cleaning. In fact, consumer reviews indicate that this feature works great on bare floors, as well as carpets. A downside, however, is that they have a narrow cleaning path of only 9.25 inches wide.

Probably the only things you will notice is that the NV350 was designed with a 30-foot power cord while the NV352 has a 25-foot power cord. Ideally, most consumers would choose the one that has a longer power cord, as it would give them the flexibility to reach, as well as cover a larger cleaning area or space.


Every purchase of the Shark NV350 includes a pet hair turbo brush tool, a 24-inch crevice tool, an on-board crevice tool, an on-board dusting brush, and an accessory bag. The Shark NV352, on the other hand, includes a handle with a stretch hose, an extension wand, an accessory holder, a detachable canister, a 24-inch crevice tool, a motorized floor brush nozzle, a dusting brush, and a turbo brush.

Clearly, anyone would choose the NV352 mainly because of the accessories the vacuum comes with. While being priced a little higher than the NV350, it sure still is a great buy given the value they give for your money. In addition to that, you can get all these accessories and features, which would make house cleaning a breeze for you.


As mentioned above, both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 are middle range vacuum cleaners, which would mean that they are both offered at such affordable prices. However, they are priced a bit differently. The NV350 is priced at around $100 but you can the improved version, which is the NV352, for $35 more. Indeed, both vacuums would work great for both low or middle-income families.

Reviews and Ratings

The Shark NV350 has been proven to be one of the most popular vacuums in the brand’s Navigator series. As discussed in the earlier sections, it delivers an amazing performance when it comes to getting rid of dirt, dust, and allergens. To add, most customers were happy and satisfied with the vacuum’s design, commending its bagless feature, as well as the easy to empty canister. However, some buyers had complaints about its narrow cleaning path width.

The Shark NV352, on the other hand, also is quite popular among buyers, earning its top spot when it comes to indoor upright vacuums. Customers have certainly agreed that they consider it one of the most versatile, lightweight, and powerful vacuum cleaners out there. However, some of them have complained about the vacuum’s heavy top, which makes it vulnerable to tipping over.


To sum, both the Shark NV350 and the NV352 are ideal vacuum cleaners for consumers like you because of their capability to deliver satisfying results while having reasonable prices. However, we do recommend the NV352, as it can provide better cleaning performance, given the inclusion of its useful accessories. With the NV352, you no longer must purchase other accessories as it has already been provided by the brand. Lastly, if budget is not an issue, you should totally go for the NV352.


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