Shark NV650 vs NV651

Shark is a vacuum cleaner brand that increased in popularity over the years, becoming one of the top names in the game. Whereas there are maybe other vacuum cleaner brands that receive more praise, Shark indeed does a great job at creating quality vacuums.

Some of the lines that Shark is known to produce are the Shark Ion, Shark Rocket, Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator and so on. In this article, you are going to read about two Rotator models, respectively the Shark NV650 vs NV651. These models are very much similar, but they share some differences you should be aware of.

Are you interested in one of these products, or you just want a vacuum cleaner but don’t know what to look for? If that’s the case, you will learn about these vacuums, and you will be able to decide which one works best for you.


When it comes to their look, they are not too different. Their cord length is the same, of 30’, and they are both useful machines in cleaning various flooring types. Both of them were designed with an ergonomic handle to raise the workers’ efficiency. At the same time, they let the user feel comfortable, and the risk of injury is inexistent.

They come with the swivel steering technology. This feature is useful to have because it allows you to reach even spaces you have to struggle to clean. Some of these places could be under the furniture, bed, tables and so on.

Its status utility includes some features such as boating handgrips, handling edges and coating non-slip. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the handling varies depending on how you’re physically built.

Shark NV650 vs NV651 Price

Their prices are reasonable, with the NV651 being slightly more expensive compared to its counterpart. This is not a surprise, though, given it has some extra tools and better features.

Cleaning Performance

Knowing about the cleaning performance is one of the prime steps in deciding upon a vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to the models discussed here, they have an amazing performance, and the lift-away feature is the one that provides outstanding range and maneuverability. Cleaning under the bed, furniture or others is now possible with these models, and reaching into tight spaces is not a hard task either. The Shark Powered Lift-Away feature allows it.


Because they come with the Advanced Swivel Steering technology, these models have amazing maneuverability. Moreover, on these items, this technology is said to be more advanced and dynamic.

The Shark NV650 vs NV651 are similar in weight, respectively 15 pounds, thus people may find them a bit heavy. Nevertheless, the lift-away pod and the powered brush roll eliminate this worry, and you will be able to properly clean even around the obstacles in your way.

In other words, both models offer great maneuverability because, although they may be considered a little heavy, they are easy to lift due to their technology.


Finger Control

When you purchase a vacuum cleaner, you want one that not only offers outstanding performance but is also easy to control. Thankfully, Shark NV650 and NV651 can both be controlled with only your fingers. Basically, there are controls on the machine’s handle that allow you to change the settings based on your needs.

For instance, you may clean the carpets, but you also have to clean the bare floor. So, the brush roll can’t always be the same, because it works differently according to the flooring. As such, the finger controls will allow you to change the brush roll, so it’s much easier to transition to the brush motor.

HEPA Filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

There are some vacuums that have a major flaw: they pollute your air with the dust and dirt they remove. When you suffer from certain conditions such as asthma or allergies, this is one of the nightmare scenarios you are trying your best to avoid. The dust and allergens in the air could trigger reactions, thus making you run away from vacuum cleaners.

With these two Shark models, that’s not a worry. They are both equipped with HEPA filters and anti-allergen complete seal technology. Consequently, most of the dust and allergens in the air will not make it back into the household air, as they will be trapped inside the vacuum. As a result, your nasal tract will be safe. In addition to this, the HEPA filters are washable as well.

Hard-Floor Genie

The floor has to be clean at all times, and that’s why you seek a vacuum cleaner in the first place, right? To help you with that task, Shark NV650 and NV651 come with a hard-floor genie attachment with one pad. The attachment genie helps a lot with hard floor cleaning, and it even includes a microfiber pad to smoothly remove the debris.

You should know that this only works on bare floors, so use it accordingly. Also, it works on tile floors, wood floors or any hard surface flooring as well.

Caddy Canister

Both of these models have a caddy canister that allows you to use the motorized brush to collect the dirt in the extended vacuuming period. So, this three-in-one vacuum is sent to a portable box that has a straw floor and uses the caddy canister support.

Moreover, you can keep all the attachments you like in the caddy, so that they’re much easier to reach.


It’s probably not a surprise that these models come with different accessory sets. For instance, the NV650 comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, accessory bag, hard floor genie with 1 pad, caddy and pet upholstery tool.

On the other hand, NV651 has a caddy too, as well as a dusting brush and hard floor genie 1 pad. However, it also has an upholstery brush, dusting genie, pet power brush, and an under-appliance wand.


  • Both of them have a caddy canister, which makes picking up debris much easier.
  • They have finger controls, meaning that you can use the controls in the handle to control how the machine works. So, you can switch the brush roll easily depending on the flooring type.
  • They both come with HEPA washable filters. So, the air will be properly filtered, and you can also wash and reuse the filters. Also, they have the anti-allergen complete seal technology.
  • They both come with a hard-floor genie attachment pad.
  • They both come with the lift-away technology.
  • The design is pretty much the same.

Main Differences

  • NV651 is slightly more expensive than its competitor.
  • They have different sets of accessories.
  • While NV650 has a five-year warranty, the NV651 has a seven-year warranty.
  • NV651 has a large capacity dirt cup to extend your cleaning session without being interrupted. Its counterpart has a smaller dirt cup.

Final Thoughts

Overall, when comparing the Shark NV650 vs NV651, users realize that the units are quite similar and that they have very little differences. The NV651 is a little better compared to the other because it has some extra features and accessories. The price is also a bit higher because of that.

If you choose any of these models, you will have a vacuum cleaner that can clean the floor properly and that prevents allergens from polluting the air. Also, it will be easy to move from one room to the other and it will be very simple to control. Both of them are good, so whichever you choose, you’d have a friend in need.


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