Shark NV70 vs NV360

When we think of vacuum cleaners, we also think about Shark – the manufacturer is one of the most famous on the market. Moreover, they are behind some of the most famous vacuum lines out there – the Shark Rotator, Rocket, Ion, Navigator, and so on.

Most models come at an affordable price so that any person can have a Shark product inside their home. The most famous lines of products are the Rotator and the Navigator – mainly because they add some weight, but they come with almost unrivaled power and performance.

For example, the Rocket line is suited for those that like ultra-lightweight and extremely portable vacuum cleaners. However, as we are looking at power and performance today, we’ll be talking about the NV70 vs NV360, both part of the Navigator line of products.

While they are quite similar when it comes to flexibility and efficiency, these two models are not the same – therefore, let’s analyze and compare the NV70 and NV360 and help you determine which of them fits you and your house the best.

Design and Portability

The NV360 comes with a metallic blue color and the NV70 comes in gold. Moreover, their structure is different as well – the NV360 is wider and shorter than the NV70 and has a bit smaller canister as well.

However, their design can be classified as an upright one, which is commonly sought after by customers as they don’t have to bend over while using the vacuum cleaner – we know that most brands out there, have a knack for low canisters with a long hose that makes it hard for us to stand right up when using the vacuum cleaner.

Some people call that type of design modern, as some of the first vacuum cleaners had an upright design – thus, they consider the upright vacuum cleaners on today’s market as vintage or old looking. However, they come with several benefits for their users.

In terms of maneuverability and portability, both models come with the Swivel Steering technology which seems to be common among the Shark vacuum cleaners – this technology is paired with soft rubber wheels that help you and the vacuum cleaner as well move with ease around furniture.

They come with a weigh of around 16 pounds, which might be a bit heavier for some users – but, the NV360 has the Lift-Away function available, which allows you to lift its canister from the vacuum’s frame in order to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Fit to their name, Navigators, both models come with a large dirt bin capacity – you could actually vacuum your entire house a couple of times before needing to empty the dirt bin. Moreover, they also come equipped with an additional cleaning hose – thus, no area will be too far away for you to clean.

Naturally, as with every Shark product out there, the NV70 and the NV360 both come equipped with the Never Loses Suctiontechnology – this tech ensures that the suction power of the vacuum cleaners remains the same throughout the years; you won’t experience any drawback as a result of extended/ prolonged usage.

When it comes to air quality, both products are equipped with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and with HEPA filters. These two features ensure that up to 99.99% of allergens and small particles are sucked in and kept inside the vacuum cleaner.

Because of the HEPA filters, every bit of air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is fresh and healthy – perfect for those that have respiratory problems or for those that just want a clean surrounding environment.

For increased performance, both models come equipped with a motorized brush roll – this accessory can be turned on and off, depending on your preferences, and can be used on both hard floor and carpets.

Moreover, you won’t be stopped by the length of the power cord – it comes with 25 feet of length, making it easier for you to vacuum more space in one go, without having to re-plug the vacuum cleaner in a closer socket.

Now, for the thing that makes a difference between the two models – the NV360 has the amazing Lift-Away technology available. Basically, if you come across any hard-to-reach, high areas, you just have to lift the canister of the vacuum cleaner, thus transforming it into a handheld vacuum.

Furthermore, the NV70 comes with a handle that is can’t be attached to any of its accessories, while the handle of the NV360 can be detached, making it easier for you to engage in above-ground cleaning.


As with most Shark products, the accessories are the ones that make two models differ from one another. Obviously, this is the case for the NV70 vs NV360 comparison as well. Therefore, let’s see the accessories that these two models come equipped with.

NV70 Accessories

  • Two different pet hair power brushes
  • 5” crevice tool
  • 16” crevice tool
  • Wide pet upholstery tool
  • Dusting brush

NV360 Accessories

  • Pet hair power brush
  • Extendable Under-Appliance Cleaning Wand
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool

Shark NV360 vs NV70 Price and Reviews

While it may seem that the NV70 comes with more accessories than the NV360, the latter has more neat features and comes with a wider variety of tools – for example, we notice the extendable Under-appliance cleaning wand.

The NV360 can be bought for around $200, like most Shark products – even if they come with advanced features and technologies, their price is still kept at an affordable level.

In terms of reviews and user ratings, the NV70 has received many 5-star ratings, mainly because it has quite the suction power. However, some people claimed that it doesn’t do well on stairs that have a carpeted surface.

On the other hand, the NV360 has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 – Amazon rating. Most users praised this product’s power, both when it comes to suction and cleaning, in general. Still, some of them were unhappy with the fact that the power cord was a bit shorter than some of the previous models.

The NV360 has available the aforementioned Extendable Under-Appliance Want that makes it a lot easier for you to reach high or tight places – for example, you don’t have to stand on your toes if you want to vacuum the top of your curtains or the ceiling.

The Bottom Line: Shark NV70 vs NV360 – Which Is the Best Shark Vacuum?

Even though both models seem a bit old-fashioned, they do come with advanced features, technologies, and a plethora of accessories that can make cleaning a lot more enjoyable.

Moreover, while the design might look old, they are made of quality, resistant, and quite good-looking materials – they can be quite the decorative element if properly placed in your house.

Now, in terms of performance, both do their job just as they are supposed to – if you have pets, then you won’t have any issues with pet hair/fur if you decide to buy the NV70 or the NV360.

However, if you want more freedom while cleaning, then we recommend you the NV360, mainly because of the Lift-Away technology that it comes equipped it – it is really a game-changer when it comes to portability and ease of cleaning.

In the end, it depends more on what you like – visually speaking – and on what you exactly need in your house. If your home doesn’t require vacuuming that often, then you can safely pick the NV70; but, if it requires more intensive vacuuming/ has a lot of tight and hard-to-reach areas, then you might want to go with the NV360, as it has more accessories that can help you with that.


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