Shark NV750 vs NV752

As you probably already know, the Shark brand is one of the most innovative brands on the cleaning machines market, as their products always come with almost unparalleled performance and cleaning power.

Among their series of products, we can find the Shark Rotator models – two of these models are the NV750 and the NV752. Most products in this series, including the NV752, come equipped with the Power Lift-Away technology that makes the cleaning of multiple types of surfaces, such as bare floors, hard floors, and carpets a lot easier.

Overall, the Shark Rotator models are specially designed to make vacuuming less tiring and less labor-consuming – basically, the manufacturers wanted to provide their customers with products that can indeed remove any type of dust or debris without them having to return to a certain area and scrub it off.

Therefore, today we’ll compare the Shark NV750 vs NV752 in order to help you choose the one that fits you the best – based on accessories, performance, price, and user reviews.

Design and Portability

Both the NV750 and the NV752 are corded and bagless vacuum cleaners and come with almost identical features – they might be part of the same series, namely, the Shark Rotator Power-Lift, but they are not the same.

In terms of appearance, the two vacuum cleaners are identical – they are made mainly of durable plastic and have some rubber and metal components added as well, depending on their utility and the design the manufacturers aimed for.

They are available in three colors – gunmetal, Bordeaux, and steel gray.

When it comes to portability and maneuverability, both models come equipped with the Swivel Steering technology that allows you to easily clean/ vacuum almost any area of your house without experiencing any difficulties.

Both models weigh around 15 pounds – indeed, they seem to be a bit heavy and this might decrease their mobility. However, the Lift-Away feature they come equipped with, which makes it easier to clean/ vacuum in certain positions, makes up for their weight.


So, we mentioned the Lift-Away feature a couple of times so far – but what does it actually mean? Well, this feature offers these models a special 3-in-1 mode that you can use to make housecleaning a lot easier.

Basically, you can use the NV750 and the NV752 as your standard upright vacuum cleaner or you can lift the canister and convert them into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Therefore, this feature increases the portability of these two models – you can’t go wrong with these two as they really come with something extra that makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

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These two models come corded – however, you should not see this as a disadvantage, as the cord is 30-feet long. So, you’ll have no problem moving from one room to another without having to plug the vacuum into another socket.

Moreover, for increased convenience and ease of cleaning, both models come equipped with a 12-inch wide nozzle – thus, you will spend less time cleaning a room than with your usual vacuum cleaner.

The NV750 and the NV752 have available the Advanced Cyclonic Suction technology – basically, they come with strong suction power that doesn’t decrease over time, as you keep on using the vacuum cleaner.

Another technology that boosts the quality of these models is the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal tech, patented by Shark – this, paired with the HEPA filters, is able to trap around 99.99% of the allergens and dust that gathered inside the vacuum cleaner.

In short, the air that’s coming out through the machines’ vents is healthy and fresh – suited for people that suffer from respiratory problems.

The Accessories They Come With

As most of us already know, most vacuum cleaners are basically the same – however, the things that make the difference between models are the accessories they come equipped with. Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll have a look at the accessories of the NV750 and at those of the NV752.

NV750 Accessories

  • Dusting brush – ideal for the surfaces and items that require gentle brushing rather than powerful vacuuming.
  • Crevice tool – perfect for hard-to-reach areas such as tight corners or behind and under furniture.
  • Pet upholstery tool – an accessory that’s perfect from removing pet hair from sofas, carpets, and such.
  • TruePet mini motorized brush – similar to the pet upholstery tool, this accessory is specially designed to remove pet dust and pet-related debris from almost any surface in your house.
  • Accessory bag.

NV752 Accessories

  • TruePet tool – the same tool that the NV750 comes equipped with.
  • Hard floor genie and a microfiber pad – a tool that’s ideal for removing dust and debris from hard floors and for cleaning them with the help of the microfiber pad.
  • Dusting genie – again, an accessory that’s fit for removing dust from various surfaces.
  • Dusting brush – a type of brush that’s used more for surfaces and items that don’t require hard power vacuuming.
  • Canister caddy – an accessory that allows you to remove the canister of the vacuum cleaner, for when you need to reach higher spots in your house.
  • Accessory bag.

As we can notice, the NV752 comes with a few more accessories than the NV750 – obviously, this is because it is a newer version. Let’s now look into their price and reviews.

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Price and Reviews

Both models can be purchased for around $200 – $250 – naturally, the newer NV752 is a bit more expensive than the NV752, as it comes with more accessories as well. Therefore, it’s only natural that the NV750 has lower ratings than the newer version.

However, both models get positive reviews and ratings from most customers. When it comes to the NV750, most users stated that it comes with just enough power and performance to make cleaning easier. On the other hand, they complained that the hose is a bit too short and, thus, the vacuum cleaner can be hard to maneuver at times.

When it comes to the NV752, 75% of its buyers have rated it with 5 stars – most of them praised its suction power and the ability to properly remove pet hair from sofas and carpets. In terms of disadvantages, some people claimed that the NV752 is a bit heavy and, therefore, had a hard time carrying it around the house.

Moreover, there are customers that have been impressed by the fact that the NV752 comes with a bare floor setting on the vacuum’s handle and with LED lights that shine at the floor’s level. They stated that you can see all the pet fur/ hair that’s on the floor and that you can notice it being drawn in by the vacuum cleaner.

The Bottom Line

In the battle of Shark NV750 vs NV752, it is fairly difficult to make a choice. The two models are pretty much identical – the only difference is the accessories they come equipped with. However, both are quite good in terms of performance and portability.

Therefore, it is quite hard to determine which is going to be better for your house – overall, it depends on your needs and wishes. For example, we definitely recommend the NV752 if you have more than one pet as it comes with accessories that can clean fur and hair from most surfaces.

However, if house cleaning is not that demanding for you, then you can safely choose the NV750 model. Both come with the same power and performance every Shark vacuum cleaner comes with – of course, the Rotator family comes with certain features that can improve the quality of your cleaning.

In the end, no matter which Shark product you choose, you are sure to be welcomed by a powerful and well-designed product!

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