Shark NV752 vs NV751

Which One Should You Choose: The Shark NV752 or the NV751?

Picking out the right vacuum cleaner could seem like a difficult mission. By doing a quick search on the internet, you’ll find hundreds of products, most offering a range of promising features. In your search, you might have stumbled across Shark vacuum cleaners. Shark, as a manufacturer, actually compares its products with the renowned Dyson – a company that has created a positive reputation in the marketplace.

Nevertheless, do Shark vacuum cleaners live up to the hype? Are they reliable and efficient? We’ve chosen some of their top-selling items, and we’ll compare them for you. Afterward, depending on your needs, you can choose the unit that appeals to you the most.

Shark NV752 vs. Shark NV751: An In-depth Comparison

First, the original name of the Shark NV751 is Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum. Meanwhile, the original name of the Shark NV752 is Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum.

As you can see, there are named similarly, because, to some extent, they are much alike. Nevertheless, there are some differences worth noting, which we’ll outline in the forthcoming paragraphs.

While it is definitely true that the concept of a convertible vacuum isn’t something innovate at the time being, these two units definitely take the meaning to an entirely different level. With a push of a button, you can turn the vacuum from an upright to a canister caddy. You may also transform it into a pod with a powerful brush roll. Essentially, you get all this versatility by investing in one specific unit – which is pretty great.

The Design

At first glance, the two vacuum cleaners look pretty similar. Not only that you can tell they are produced by the same manufacturer, but they feature quite similar design traits.

Color-wise, the NV751 features a range of detailing in a red coloring, whereas the NV752 comes in a deeper shade of maroon. Obviously, the color of a vacuum cleaner doesn’t matter when it comes to its performance. However, a modern, sleek design is always a draw – whether we’re talking about a house appliance or a piece of furniture.

As we’ve already pointed, both units distinguish themselves from most vacuum cleaners on the market thanks to the 3-in-1 design. That is to say, you can use the appliance depending on your needs. This is a nice feature, and you get it regardless of the vacuum you decide to choose out of the two.

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The controls on the NV751 are located precisely on the handle of the vacuum, making them easy to access as you do your job. In the case in which you have to clean different types of surfaces around the house, this feature will definitely come in handy. That’s because you can change the settings without the need to stop and change the settings. The same can be said about the NV752, whose controls are also at your fingertips.

Moving on to a distinction between the two models, the Shark NV752 features a range of LED lights on the cleaning head. These are quite practical when you clean darker, remote spots.

What about Portability?

A vacuum cleaner’s portability is, without a doubt, one of the most important characteristics. When a vacuum cleaner is utterly heavyweight, this will make it cumbersome for you to clean the house, especially if you have a lot of stairs. So, in regard to portability, weight matters the most. In this respect, there is a slight distinction between the two models.

Namely, the Shark NV751 weighs 21.9 pounds whereas the Shark NV752 weighs 15.4 pounds. Even if the difference isn’t that notable, it is still there. Hence, if the aspect of portability is crucial for you, you might factor this in.

On the whole, though, while using both vacuums, we didn’t notice that much a difference, in regard to maneuverability and portability. That is to say, both appliances behaved approximately the same.

Attachments or Accessories

Moving on to accessories, both vacuum cleaners come equipped with the same range of attachments. These attachments are supposed to make your cleaning chores more accessible – which they actually do. More specifically, with both units, you get the following: a hard floor genie, a dusting brush, a dusting genie, upholstery, canister caddy, as well as an accessories bag.

Nevertheless, out of the two, only the Shark NV752 comes accompanied by the unique TruePet tool. Hence, if you have a furry companion, perhaps it might make more sense to choose the NV752, due to this specific characteristic. Pet Technology is, without a doubt, a major draw for pet owners, as it really works as advertised.

Cleaning Performance: What to Expect

In regard to the types of surfaces the NV751 can clean, it can cope with almost anything. The same can be said about the NV752. Nevertheless, while they do work on any type of surface whatsoever, we’ve found them to be more efficient in carpeted areas.

On a different note, on smooth surfaces, the results might be better. Hence, if you don’t have carpets in your house, perhaps you should choose a different type of vacuum that works best on smooth surfaces.

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What about the power of the units? There aren’t any differences in this respect either. Both incorporate a power engine whose power is of 1200W. Therefore, you can be 100 percent sure that these offer sufficient suction for sucking up all the dirt and debris that might lie in your carpets.

Moving on, thanks to the 12-inch wide nozzles, you are likely to cover even large areas with a single sweep, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology

Considering that we’re talking about a reputable manufacturer, both vacuum cleaners incorporate a unique anti-allergen complete seal technology, as well as HEPA filtration. This characteristic is commonplace for the majority of Shark’s higher-end products.

On that note, thanks to this technology, the vacuums absorb over 99.99 percent of the allergens and dust inside these machines. If you’re suffering from allergies, this should be quite reassuring. At the same time, this is a nice feature to depend on if you have a baby.

Which One Should You Choose?

As you can see from our brief comparison, the two models manufactured by Shark are quite similar when it comes to function, form, and design. Both units facilitate a promising performance when it comes to cleaning all types of carpets – regardless of their thickness level. At the same time, both are quite easy to maneuver, even in tight areas – such as carpeted stairs or under large pieces of furniture.

What is more, the fingertip controls come in handy, diminishing the cleaning time. Another nice feature is that even if both vacuums are equipped with powerful engines; they aren’t noisy, which is nice to know.

Therefore, we could say that your decision will depend on the following: do you have a furry pet? What budget do you have in mind for your next vacuum cleaner? Of course, the NV752 comes at a higher price tag, but it facilitates a bunch of features its counterpart doesn’t have. The most noteworthy one is the TruePet attachment. Over time, this tool will become invaluable to you in coping with pet hair – regardless of where it ends up.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a pet, then, you might do perfectly fine with the NV751. Either way, you cannot go wrong with choosing a Shark vacuum cleaner; performance wise, they don’t disappoint.

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