Shark Rocket HV302 VS HV301

Small, lightweight and corded for unlimited power – Shark did it again. This time, they have combined the maneuverability of a battery-powered vacuum cleaner with the timespan of a corded one. In other words, you have maneuverability and power all in one. Also, the Rocket series helps you convert the vacuum cleaner into a more versatile piece of machinery that can gather dust even from the ceiling and other “tough to negotiate” with corners.

These two vacuums have almost the same functionalities and the differences will be discussed in a good way because each model has a unique and thrilling trait.


Although pretty much alike, they have the same functionality and you can convert the vacuum from an upright item to a hose one. As space is a problem nowadays, Shark listened to its customers and wanted to make a corded vacuum cleaner, but not a bulkier version. The design is so sleek and thin that you can store it anywhere, even under the bed.

However, if you don’t have enough room under the bed, you can even hang it on the wall with the special hook that you can mount it wherever you desire.


As per the above statement, the design is so well made that you can use the items anywhere you want and vacuum almost anything. As a rocket is lightweight and can travel anywhere, so does this piece of machinery designed by Shark. Although it is a corded vacuum cleaner, it can go anywhere thanks to it 2-in-1 design.

Unlike the bulky machines that need some muscle to carry them around, these two models can be used by everybody, even by people with back problems and elder people. It has a top weight of 8 pounds, which makes it extremely portable.

Cleaning Performance

Although we’re talking about Shark vacuum cleaners, this doesn’t mean that they’re extremely expensive. On the contrary, they are quite affordable and do a magnificent job in cleaning your house.

The suction power of these two Shark models is astonishing for their size. Some big vacuums have problems with gathering various things from the floor, but the Rocket HV301 and HV302 vacuums do an extraordinary.

The suction power will not diminish in any way as the vacuum is corded to the wall plug; thus, you won’t need to worry about getting headaches when you’re low on battery. You can also modify the suction power using the switch located in the handle. It has two types of suction stages. The first one is designed only for hard surfaces and the second one is much more powerful, and it is to be used on rugs and carpets.

If you have a pet, then you are surely wondering if these vacuums can help you get rid of all the animal hair. Of course, they are. In fact, all animal lovers recommend all Shark vacuums especially the Rocket models. They feature a rotating brush that will pick up any type of fur. But keep in mind that the brush won’t do any good when it comes to sucking flour or sugar, for example.

As said before, this is a corded vacuum cleaner, despite its size. Both vacuum cleaners come with a 30-feet long cable that will surely get you around the house to do your cleaning job.

More and more vacuum cleaners are fitted with a HEPA filter that gathers all the dust particles and allergens from any surface. Unfortunately, the Rocket series does not come with this type of filter. So, this is not suitable for people that are allergic or have respiratory problems. The best thing to do in this case is to clean the filters often to avoid particles being stuck in there.

As said before, the vacuum cleaners are made to be versatile and can be converted from an upright vacuum to a handheld one. This way, you can safely access various tight sports around the house and under the bed with ease. Picking up the nasty cobwebs from the ceiling corner is also an effortless job.

Now that you know what both vacuum cleaners have in common, it’s time to sense the difference between them. While they are similar in design and motor power, they still have some things of their own that are quite amazing.

If you want to clean your hosue, then the HV301 is the one for you. You can do almost everything in the house with this model as it has the swivel steering. It almost glides on the floor using this technology of hinges and pivots.

Now, the HV302 is also good for the house, of course, but the package brings a big plus. It comes with a car cleaning kit, so you can prepare your car accordingly and give it a shine on the interior.

The Box

As said before, the two models have many things in common, but what really makes the difference between them is the package. The HV301 comes with the wall mount to store your machine, a crevice tool to access tight spaces and cleaning up keyboards and various brushes to get dust out from every space. A microfiber pad and an accessory bag are also included in the package.

The HV302, however, has the same accessories, but with the car cleaning kit. Also, included with the car cleaning kit is a zipper pouch that you can carry around your car to do different cleaning jobs.

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the customer feedbacks, things are looking pretty good as well. Regarding the HV301, customers are very satisfied. They are still astonished about the suction power of the vacuum despite its size. There are some people that are not happy with the dust cup being too hard to empty.

On the other hand, the HV302 has excellent reviews from almost all its customers. They are amazed as well regarding the suction power of such a small vacuum cleaner. However, some of them are disappointed with the size of the dust cup that is very small and also hard to empty.

Another negative feedback is that the filters are not very effective and that there is no HEPA filter on the vacuum. This could be a disadvantage for people that suffer from allergies and various respiratory problems caused by allergens.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the vacuum breaks, the Shark company provides a warranty of 5 years.


So, when it comes to the Shark Rocket HV301 and HV302, almost 80% of all reviews are positive. The swivel steering is a great tool to get around the house and glide from bare floor to thick carpets with ease. The fact that these vacuums are lightweight is the key point in maneuverability and not only. You can store them virtually anywhere, even on the wall, thanks to the wall mount included in the box.

The HV302 has a bonus in the box and that is the car cleaning kit. It also comes with a pouch in which you can store the micro tools for your car.

Moreover, the power of these two vacuum cleaners is astonishing for their size and even the customers are satisfied with the performance. Combining the portability of battery-powered vacuum cleaners and the durability and power of a normal one, these items will surely become your best friends when it comes to cleaning your house. Last, but not least, they are affordable, so they’re also friendly on the budget.

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